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Rebreather Diving Day Trips on the Boat

The diving destinations for rebreather diving around Phuket are extremely varied and diverse in terms of topography, the abundance of fish and biodiversity. The dive sites present themselves depending on the season, currents and visibility over again. The visibility can be between 10 to 30 meters, and this with pleasant warm water temperatures all year round. All rebreather diving excursions are conducted from Chalong Pier. The boat ride takes, depending on the dive site between 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Because the best dive sites are far away from shore and therefore three dives are usually made on a day trip. There is also always the possibility to plan rebreather dives situation-related individually. Many dive sites are not only excellent for rebreather diving but also for snorkeling. Therefore “non-divers” can accompany their sweethearts on the tours. The comfortable dive boat is equipped with all safety devices and has plenty of space. There are several decks, a salon, kitchen, freshwater showers and toilets. The food is plentiful and freshly prepared by a chef. The dive deck offers possibilities to moor the rebreather units safely and convenient. During the surface interval is sufficient time to prepare for the next dive with rebreathers. Diluent and bailout cylinders can be conveniently filled on the boat because a compressor is present.

To make the rebreather diving holiday pleasant and easy, we recommend an accommodation near our diving center in Rawai. Because we have all the facilities for rebreather diving needs. And Chalong Pier is just a few minutes away.

We will gladly put together for you a varied rebreather diving program. Take also advantage of our rebreather diving packages.

An incomparably comfortable and enjoyable way to rebreather diving is a Rebreather Liveaboard to the absolute top dive sites Hin Daeng / Hin Muang incl. Koh Haa. The dive sites are located about 65 km from Phuket and therefore they can not be approached with a day trip boat. Contact us and find out more.

Rebreather Wreck diving in Thailand

Rebreather diving at Phi Phi Islands

The dive sites around Phi Phi Islands belong to the best of Thailand and promise exceptional diving experiences with the rebreather. Koh Bida Nok is the outermost island located south of Phi Phi Ley. Whether in the gently sloping bay or on the steep wall and by the upstream huge coral blocks in depths, colorful soft corals, huge fan corals (gorgonians) and endless shoals of snappers, barracuda and mackerel make this stunning dive site impressive. The soundless glide with a rebreather close through these fish shoals is an indescribable experience. Especially around the deeper and outer coral blocks encounters with other divers are rare, as their no-decompression limits does not allow the same dive profile as a rebreather. Other highlights for rebreather diving are the dive sites Turtle Rock and Palong Wall at Phi Phi Ley (near Maya Bay – famous by the movie “The Beach”). Because there are often blacktip reef sharks and turtles encountered, which can be admired very close by rebreather divers. In addition, at Turtle Rock is the topography of the reef with many small caves, swim-throughs and overhangs extremely interesting and just a feast for the eyes.

Rebreather Diving at Racha Noi and Racha Yai

The Racha Islands (Noi means small and Yai large) are located south of Phuket and stand out with a completely different underwater scenery as Phi Phi and the dive site cluster around the wreck. Huge granite boulders coupled with hard corals and a white sandy bottom with crystal clear water, offers a spectacular scenery for rebreather divers. Octopus, mantis shrimp, cuttlefish, shrimps, sea snakes and different species of nudi branches makes rebreather diving beside the usual reef fish, varied and surprising. These dive sites are excellent for rebreather divers, because bizarre rock formations can be admired in some deeper areas. There are more than 10 dive sites to choose from, which are approached in accordance with the weather conditions. The Racha Islands are a popular area for Technical diving and Rebreather training.

Rebreather Diving Thailand Divesite

Rebreather diving at King Cruiser wreck, Shark Point, Anemone Reef and Koh Doc Mai

Between Phuket and Phi Phi in the open ocean is the dive site cluster King Cruiser wreck, Shark Point, Anemone Reef and Koh Doc Mai located. The King Cruiser was a passenger ferry (catamaran) between Phuket and Phi Phi Islands before it crashed inexplicably in 1997 on Anemone Reef and sank. Now the 85-meter long and impressive wreck lies upright in a depth of 30 meters on the sandy bottom. Meanwhile it has become a remarkable artificial reef which attracts a myriad of sea creatures. Colorful soft corals thrive on the current-exposed wreck. For safety reasons it can not be penetrated. With rebreathers, respectively with an adequate training it can be submerged between the skids on the bottom along the entire length, where often big nurse sharks are found. At the latest the benefits of rebreather diving draw from clear at this dive site. No-decompression limit and air consumption don’t limit rebreather diver and therefore the wreck can be explored during the full dive time, limitless and without noise of other divers. Shark Point is a collection of several underwater reefs and is accordingly “extensive” to dive. The most famous pinnacles are Shark Point 1 and 2. As the name suggests, leopard sharks are often seen in this area. Either way, you will never get enough to witness the beauty of the scenery of this dive sites. To hover silently with the rebreather over giant gorgonians past magnificent soft corals of pink, over purple to scarlet, is a class of its own. And once again, all this far away from the “normal” diving routes – this is exploring by rebreathers. Another absolutely first-class dive site, is the Anemone Reef. As the name implies, the entire reef is covered with anemones, which shimmer in all rainbow colors. The rather small reef begins at about 3 meters and goes down to max. 25 meters, and is completely covered by all sort of corals. Accordingly attractive and suitable is this dive site for all kinds of marine life. In addition to countless fish, moray’s, and nudi branches, seahorses can be found and charm rebreather divers. In the blue water often impressive shoals of barracudas, jacks and snappers are spotted and can be escorted with the rebreather. Other dive sites are located around the limestone cliffs of Koh Doc Mai. The flower island disclosed rebreather divers on the east side, a steep wall which it has in itself. From 5 to 25 meters thriving corals and huge sponges of all kinds, which mean perfect habitat for tiny creatures. Therefore, macro-lovers get their money’s worth. In the spacious caves there is also always something interesting before nurse sharks on a small overhang a bit deeper can be visited. At this dive site you can find sometimes strong currents; correspondingly demanding the rebreather diving is there. The dive site is always approached on the way back as 3rd dive. No problem with rebreather diving; it makes a visit of all highlights possible.

Koh Doc Mai Rebreather Thailand Divesite

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