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Extended range Nitrox (Advanced Nitrox) is the entry level extended range …This program qualifies you to dive to 40 meters using nitrox and 15 minutes of decompression using a one stage decompression gas (50% Nitrox). The program can be completed wearing a single cylinder and 1 stage tank containing up to 50% Nitrox with recreational equipment or with twin tanks, backmounted with an Isolator Valve or Sidemount. The program consists of online theory, 1 confined session and 4 Open water Dives, of which the last 2 dives must be actual staged decompression dives and at least one must be to a minimum of 35 metres. Prerequisites are Deep Diving and Nitrox certification and a minimum of 24 dives.

Extended Range Nitrox Diving is the first step. Combined with Advanced Wreck Diving and Cavern Diving, you will gain practical knowledge and skills allowing you to experience these exciting new realms. XR is the bridge between recreational and what was previously considered Technical Diving. Once you have completed the entry level programs and you have the desire to go even farther the next step is Extended Range. This program will allow you access to an even more awesome world. Options like Full Cave Diving and Technical Wreck Diving will push your limits. SSI Hypoxic Trimix is the ultimate and final step in the process; this unlimited depth qualification is the apex level certification. Whatever your goal SSI XR is there to support you all the way.

XR programs are like all SSI programs and allow fexibility, you can take your XR program in a wide variety of equipment con gurations – Sidemount, Twinset or Technical Closed Circuit Rebreather. Your SSI XR Instructor will be your guide and show you all the enjoyment that can come from a properly fitted high quality XR Total Diving system.

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