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Apeks Lifeline / DSMB
45 Metres 30 Metres 15 Metres DSMB
Blue Green Purple
THB 4’950 THB 4’790 THB 3’490 THB 1’250
  • Unique flared design to allow ease of winding whilst wearing gloves and an outer grip for ease of use. You learn the Apeks lifeline handling in our Rebreather Course
  • A large diameter centre hole for use in cold water whilst wearing gloves
  • Colour coded to allow ease of identification of each size
  • Line swivel to prevent line entanglement and twisting
  • Machined from one piece of aircraft grade aluminium
  • Spool is not over-wound, enabling additional line to be added if required
  • Includes stainless steel bolt snap
  • Line is sewn instead of tied to increase strength
  • Orange line, best for low light conditions
Apeks Finger Spools
Scubapro Cargo Shorts
Scuba Pro Shorts with cargo pockets
Size S to XXL
THB 3’810
  • A unique concept to be worn over all types of suits, adding two extra pockets for total convenience
  • Constructed in 1mm Flextec material with drawstring waist and reinforced seat for durable wear
Micro Mask Hunter Impression
THB 3’290 THB 1’290 THB 2’920
  • Low volume masks have been designed to have very little space between a diver’s face and the mask glass. This means they hold very little air, which is a huge advantage in Rebreather Diving. Low volume masks require less air to equalize and clear.
Low Volume Rebreather Mask
Poseidon SofnoDive 797
Sofnodive 797, Pre-packed Scrubber
Price per box
THB 3’200
  • SofnoDive® 797 eliminates the need for the user to come into contact with the absorber material (Sofnolime®) and provides a guaranteed performance.
  • Each package holds 2 containers of scrubber. Each container provides 3 hours of CE approved dive time.
  • SofnoDive 797, made by Molecular Products, is the only scrubber that Poseidon Diving Systems AB has approved to be used with Poseidon rebreathers.
Oxygen sensors are made for the Poseidon Rebreathers
O2 Sensor (MOLEX) Poseidon Solid State Sensor
  • Oxygen sensors are consumables and should be changed when your Poseidon rebreather has a hard time reading the correct 02 levels in your loop or they have been in use for over 1 year.
  • You may need to change your O2 sensors if the following occurs:
  • Recurrent C1 / C2 alarms when rebreather diving
  • Hyperoxic linearity test failure
  • Recurrent T53 failure
Rebreather Oxygen Cell Poseidon
Rebreather Computer
M28 Poseidon Rebreather Computer
  • Recalibrate your expectations of dive computer performance. Rethink what’s possible with maps, video, graphics, GPS, Dive-by-Wire and a host of features that deliver class-leading functionality that’s incredibly intuitive to use.
  • High performance OC and CCR dive computer
  • Maps, video and feature-rich graphics thanks to a 2.8” TFT LCD Color Display
  • Real-time GPS surface positioning
  • Highly intuitive user interface with 2 button interface
  • Enhanced SE7EN / MKVI functionality with the M28’s Rebreather Management System
  • Dive-by-WireTM integration with Poseidon Pod System’s, HUD and HP Sensors
  • Dual deco algorithm (DCAP and Bülhmann ZHL16C with gradient factors)
  • Depth rated to 200m / 656ft
  • Multi interface; WIFI access point, Bluetooth and IrDA
  • Upgradable

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